The TEN MOST ELIGIBLE LLBs (Law Ladies To Behold).

If I wanted to crack your ribs I would have titled this piece “top ten legal spinsters” but we all know what a spinster means. Anyways before I move on, I have to say that I’m not interested in knowing if any of them is in a relationship or nah. Before someone will come and be giving “I’m in a relationship speech”. Btw, some criteria were considered in putting this list together.

10. Amaka Amajuoyi (class of 19′)
This 200 level DE damsel makes the cut as the only representative from her class. She is obviously gorgeous. She Is also a brainy having had a very decent score in JUPEB. She also shows traits of an entrepreneur with her marketing skills. She still has 4 years to go. Let’s see if she gets to number 1 before law school.


9. Christiana Adewara (class of 18′)
Krissmix was the runner-up in the maiden edition of the “Face of law”. She is the reigning Miss Makeover. Her CGPA is one I can bet any amount on. A follower of Christ, Christiana is what I call the “Perfect Wife Material”.


8. Mena Akpobome (class of 18′)
The P.R.O of Teslim Elias chambers, Mena is a working model who has worked with various top-notch photographers including Kelechi Amadi. She came into the modeling limelight after contesting in the “Elite Model” competition 2014. Mena is the definition of brains and beauty. Her charisma fits that of a female leader. Could she be the next MVP?


7. Uju Ejiofor (class of 17)
The reigning “Face of law” had to make the list. She’s also the Financial secretary of the maritime forum. No doubt she’s beautiful and I hear she’ll be a year older in few hours. #HappyBirthdayInAdvance Uju Ejiofor!


6. Adeboyin (class of 16)
Boyin is cute 100% She’s pretty much a shareholder in LBT (Lady by Toke).
She was a volunteer at the Oil and Gas bar “Submit and Dinner” and the “National Tax Debate”. She’s also an active member of TEC. This beauty just falls shy of the top 5.


5. Motunrayo Ogunseitan (class of 16)
MVP was the VP of the LSS last session. A one time VP of the JOC. Tunrayo is a goddess considering the fact that she worked under a certain Angel twice and didn’t cave in. This list would never be complete without our very own Cleopatra.


4. Bukola Lawanson (class of 17)
Bold as she is popularly called is a God-fearing beauty who ran for Lss VP last session. She’s an active member of the GFSC. She’s an entrepreneur with several businesses including her own Bag Line called “Bold Languages”. Rumour has it that she might run for Lss President ‘Fingers crossed’.


3. Faith Onimiya (class of 16)
This beauty was one of the brains behind the “National Tax Debate 2.0”. She was voted the finest girl in her class at last sessions “Cultural Pride Night”. Her beauty is not from here. She’s hard work, brains & beauty in one.


2. Toketemu (class of 16)
Toke is an entrepreneur. She runs LBT “Lady By Toke” which produces the brightest, most colourful and the hottest skirts I’ve seen. She was also an integral part of the “National Tax Debate 2d.0” and the Oil and Gas bar “Submit and Dinner”. I see her as the life-size barbie. She has the perfect charisma, body, & intellects to be a potential Hollywood WAG. *I must order at least one LBT skirt for someone special before she goes to law school.*


1. Pearle Nwaezeigwe (class of 16)
Pearle is my most eligible LLB.
Wayzigway is the perfect spinster. She’s is a member of the moot court, a member of the mooting interview panel, has been to the NMUN, on her way to another, She has been an executive with TEC, ran for the post of VP of the LSS. She’s also on the female football team of the class of 16, the official LSS games physician. A lover of fashion, Hector Bellerin & Rhonda Rousey, her mantra is “I’m not a do nothing b***h. Pearle is a beauty and brainiac to behold which is why she’s No1 like arsenal!!


See you same time next year.

Compiled by FD.
Edited by EsoBlog.


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