Albert Einstein said, “every one is a genius. But if we judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it would spend its life believing it is stupid.” They might have spent longer time than you in the faculty, doesn’t guarantee they are smarter. Come out as a freshman and prove your worth. Clear the doubt that freshers know less.
Friday 22nd January, 2016.
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S*xual intercourse has been painted as an act deeper than the pleasure human beings enjoy at the surface level as it entails deeper meanings.

The s*xual connection between a couple
Each time a man connects with a woman se*xually and releases his life form energy within her, he leaves a part of his information (DNA) in her birth canal.


If she doesn’t clean herself, his energy remain inside of her. That imprint can often create illusional s*xual addiction to the individual. When someone decides to have multiple partners, it can sometimes send mixed emotional signals within the inside of the body’s vibration system. Women must be careful of different energies or spiritual forces polluting their internal temple. You are a sacred doorway, where life is intended to pass through, respect yourself, use your gifts wisely!


Just think about it and ask yourself… Ever wonder why they call it sexual intercourse (INTER-Course)? It’s an inter(nal) course that unites man and woman, mind with mind, spirit with spirit, or energy with energy. This is something that a condom can’t protect you against because energy is behind the elements of all flesh. There is no such thing as “Casual S*x” or “Friends with Benefits”… No, No, No, I Don’t Think So!!! Intimate activity intricately entwines the energies between two people.

S*x creates a powerful exchange of energy between those involved. These connections, imprints and debris are left upon the mind, soul and spirit for a long time because they are not easily purged or cleansed.

“Casual s*x” with multiple partners can intertwine the energies and spirits of a lot of people into your own aura if they are not severed and cleansed. You become joined to every person with whom your partner has slept, as well as all the partners those people had.

This type of “soul clutter” can be felt by your partner’s subconscious. Even if they are not completely in tune or aware of the extra-curricular sexual activities, they still are able to sense the subtle disturbances of multiple energies and/or familiar spirits that have entered causing restlessness and inner turmoil.

The longer and more intimate the contact with another person, the more powerful the reinforcement and the interaction of the bond becomes, and all the more difficult it is for them to untangle and leave.

(Originally Curled from Date360blog post)

Most Eligible Bachelors in Faculty of Law 2015

It is well known that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and he who sees beauty and does not look at it will soon be poor. Sigh! What’s with all these beauty quotes? Anyway away from beauty as this article is neither about beauty! Or girls!! Or beautiful girls!!!
Over the years the faculty of Law has been blessed with some really handsome dudes who have turned heads, broken hearts and busted brains hehehe. Just before the new session starts in full swing we would be taking a rundown of the 10 most eligible bachelors In the Faculty of Law. Ladies if you are single please get your seat belt ready as we take you on this ride

10. Naphtali (300 Level)

From the class of 18 comes Naphtali. Naphtali is a brain literally. Naphtali is a very intelligent and aspiring young man who may not be the most handsome in a room but would usually be the most intelligent or well read guy. He’s the kind of guy who would blow a girls head with his opinions on every issue bothering her. We also think he might be romantic as its no news that he’s a very good writer and poet. Lastly, Naphtali doesn’t do drugs but his GP smokes weed and is high!!!!!



9. Igwe. (200 Level)
Igwe from the law class of 19 is a stunner. He has been turning lots of girls head even before entering the faculty fully and we do not expect him to stop or slow down this new session. While i do not personally know much a lot him but my sources say he is very caring and a good listener.



8. Qasim. (400 Level)
Our first Bachelor from the law class of 17. Qasim is an all rounder and ticks all boxes. He’s handsome, very intelligent and he’s a sport champion. Qasim is also a member of the UNILAG Basket ball team and has 3 Gold medals in basketball from 3 LSS games (don’t put your money against him to make it 5 out of 5). But where Qasim busts heads more is on the football pitch. He’s the kind of guy you would be proud to take your friends out on a date to watch him perform magic on the field. He has been able to achieve all this fame in sports while maintaining a very impressive CGPA. Please remind of those words again “All rounder”



7. Tito. (300 Level)
Tito Taoreed is our next bachelor who rose to lime light in year 1 after winning the award of fresher of the year. He has continued keeping himself  busy by being involved in the Mooting Society, NMUN, Oil and Gas bar and now book club. Don’t say this out loud but Tito has “bar” and dresses really nice. Even though he has won the “couple of the year award” for his class before Tito claims he has never been in a relationship and we believe him. Is this his year to finally find love? hmmmm lets see.



6. Timileyin. (500 Level)
Timileyin Oyewo is our next bachelor. Timi has always been a bachelor having made the first edition of this list when he was in year 2 and now in Year 5 not much has changed either in respect to his relationship status and his looks. It is a well known Fact that Timi is handsome and very intelligent. Timi is also a debate and Mooting champion having represented UNILAG both in and outside Nigeria, most notably in Washington DC and Rome. Timi is the kind of son in law every father would want to have lol



5. Carl Eze (300 Level)
From the law class of 18 comes Carl Eze. If you are a girl and haven’t heard about Carl Eze please who are you hearing about???? Carl Eze is very handsome with many crushes in the faculty. If you are ready for the competition get ready to join the queue. Carl is also very industrious as he maintains his own clothing line ‘lex apparel’ If you are a lover of good looks Carl Eze is right for you.



4.Tsolayemi . (400 Level
Tsholayemi or Sholz as he loves to be called is our next bachelor. Shola is single and this must be very difficult considering the attention he gets from girls but just maybe he hasn’t found the right person yet. Shola is very good looking and dresses really well. While he might not be the most active in the faculty but he has good looks, dress sense and a decent CGPA which works for us.



3. Supreme (400 Level)
Ex Secretary General Mooting Society, Secretary General Maritime Forum, Editor Kayode Eso Chambers, Head Delegate NMUN New York 2016 woow!!!! We are still talking about just one person. Supreme from law class of 17 makes our top 3 this year. It’s no news that Supreme is very hardworking, good looking and very intelligent.( Feel free to visit the broadsheet and check lol). Supreme is very friendly and not someone you can get bored around. If you are a girl like me that likes guys with positions then Supreme Ice cream is the guy.



2. Poju Omidiran. (500 Level)
From the Law class of 16  is our next bachelor . Lots of girls have been saying Poju is the most handsome guy in the faculty and i tend to agree with this assertion. We also know Poju dresses really nice has a car and also money.  Complete package!!!



1. Apalara Rahman (400 Level)
Our Most eligible bachelor for this year is a stunner from the class of 17. He is the current Moot President and co-head delegate for the model united nations team to New York in 2016. Believe me when I say Rahman’s rise to the top has been meteoric. Rahman is also very intelligent, in the land of Tort  where D’s, E’s and F’s were plenty, Rahman had an outstanding A. Rahman also has very decent looks and i think he’s going to be really romantic.



Just as every definition in law is said to be fraught with pitfalls so also this list may not go down with some people or fail to include some other worthy candidates, however we would very much love to hear your opinions and suggestions. Good luck to everyone this semester till we meet again next year.


please note that this article is solely the work and opinion of the writer who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. We believe in upholding the tenets of a democratic society, one of which is the freedom of expression so long as it does not stray into civil wrongdoing.

Girl Next Door Part 7: Final Episode


By Sad Girl Says

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When I left the hospital the next morning, the first place I went to was Ibrahim’s house.

‘How do you feel bro?’ He asked me, looking into my eyes.

‘Very weak to be honest, but I thank God.’ I said, ‘and thanks fam, for the gifts you sent and the tweets.’

‘No P bro,’ Ibrahim said, ‘Lol, those tweets. You know people still saying “get well soon Nate”. Even people that don’t know you! I pity your mentions!’

‘Lol. :(( ikrr.’ I said. I still couldn’t believe that I trended on twitter. Like, seriously??? Mehhn, my friends are bad asses B-)

‘:* you’re welcome bro’ Ibrahim said.

‘:** ‘I said, ‘but Yasmine though.’

‘I wasn’t even going to say anything,’ Ibrahim said, ‘sheyy last time I was telling you. You gave me bestie mode.’

‘Lol, you know what happened at #DOPE2?’ I said.

‘Guy, gist spreads. People started asking why you fainted.’

‘Oh? :$’ I said, ‘it’s fucked up bro. I don’t even know anything anymore.’

‘And when I was telling you to put her in her place, you were giving me crap. “Ehhn, she’s not a hoe”. Tuehh!’

‘*sigh. But even with everything, I still wouldn’t say she’s a hoe…’

‘Is it, because you are blind, or dumb, or ignorant? or all of the above 3 -|’

‘( ˘̶̀ ̯˘̶́) ‘ I said, ‘it’s complicated bro.’

‘Cut gist’ Ibrahim said.

‘Idiattt.’ I said, ‘and then Jesse & Nathan, I don’t know, all I wanted was to bring them back together. Now I really don’t care about their existence.’

‘You guys would still get back though. You’re bros…’

‘I doubt.’ I said.

‘*sigh. It’s all good Nate,’ he said, patting my shoulder.

‘Sorry about not coming first at the show,’ I said.

‘Ehn? Oh that thing. It didn’t pain me because Fusion and DKNG had better designs to be honest,’ Ibrahim said, ‘especially DKNG.’

‘Yeah, I guess.’

‘And the DKNG head designer ♥_♥’ Ibrahim said, ‘very fuckable someborry.’

‘Lol, Fuckable? Guy, pause your game on that.’


‘Never mind, Happy fucking.’ I said, a slight smirk creeping on my face.

‘:s :s. you’re dim,’ Ibrahim said, ‘I’m going to the basement in a bit. Are you coming?’

‘Really? Coming from the hospital?’

‘Noo, you don’t have to play ball, you could just come and chill. Ovoke and co would be happy to see you.’

I considered. ‘Naa, I’ll just watch TV small then head home.’

I watched a few episodes of season 6 of How I Met Your Mother from the cd’s Iffy bought me. And then I watched Tom & Jerry. It made me actually laugh out loud. 🙂


I left Ibrahim’s house and went to go see Damii. I had to break up with her, it was the right thing to do. Not like I’m a good guy or anything, but I really love this girl and I couldn’t just do it anymore.

I didn’t even use my normal break-up lines with her. All the “we have to move on” and “it’s not you, it’s me.” Lol, that last one was always my favorite. “It’s not you, it’s me. I’m just not good enough for you”. Na so!!!! If it’s me with the problem, why are you the one getting dumped? Bitch I’m fucking perfect!!!! 😛 😛 😛

But with Damii, it was just different. I told her everything. How I felt about her, and the long distance and everything. And then I told her about Blah. I didn’t tell her I fucked her, obviously. I just told her something happened.

Her head fell on my shoulders. And then, it felt like the old times. Two years ago, when I, Damii, Ibrahim & Derin would chill at Ibrahim’s place, and Damii would always rest her head so softly on my chest. I’ll not be feeling like one wizkid :$ :$ :$ I wish we could rewind time and go back to then. I swear we didn’t know what we had, it was bliss.

I felt tears on my chest, and I just knew they were Damii’s. I held her to myself, tightly. And then, I let her go.


I wasn’t in the mood for anything but slept when I got back home. I just wanted to be alone. I was lying down and I heard Jesse and Iffy shouting, fighting probably. Common sense told me not to go but I’m not used to listening to that thing.

When Jesse & Iffy saw me, they stopped fighting. They just stopped. Like I was one adult they owed that respect to, like I was Mummy.

‘You should be resting,’ Iffy said.

‘I can’t,’ I said, ‘two mumu’s are there fighting, shouting in my eardrum :|’

‘Nathan.’ Jesse said.

I looked at him, deep into his eyes. And then I looked at Iffy. The moment was weird, like dizziness. Normally when I look at my brothers, I feel like I’m looking into a mirror. Not just because we’re triplets & we look alike and all, but cause we have this bond. I can’t explain. But now, I was looking at Jesse, and at Iffy. And I just felt nothing; like we were strangers.


Something in me wanted to see Yasmine. I went to her house to talk to her, but instead I saw T.Y.

‘Nathan!’ she said, hugging me suddenly ‘you’re back.’ The warmth of her hug surprised me.

‘Yeah,’ I said, hugging her back, ‘Is Yasmine home?’

She shook her head. ‘Do you know Django Abrams?’ She asked me.

I nodded. It was a weird question to ask buh yeah, who doesn’t know Django? The blind guy that paints. There was shaa a lot of hype about him recently.

‘There’s an exhibition of his paintings at Art Centre now.’ T.Y said, ‘we should go.’

‘Oh! Ok.’ The randomness of everything shocked me into saying yes.

The Art Centre was weird. Everybody was walking from painting, going “ooh” and “aah” like the guy was sublime. Me, I was just there with T.Y looking at the lines of color like a mumu. It was all them abstract paintings the Django guy painted. I never understood how artists get millions for painting stuff I could do when I’m drunk. :ss

T.Y stood in front of one of the paintings. It was a mix of colors, at the centre was a bright, beautiful purple. Then it seemed to divide itself into three streaks of red, yellow & blue. The red, yellow & blue looked dull but the purple they formed at the centre was brilliant :”) it was titled “FAMILY”.

‘It took me so long to get this,’ T.Y said, ‘the painting.’

‘Explain abeg.’

‘Family is so strong and beautiful like the purple, when all the colors are mixed together,’ she said, ‘but when it’s divided, it turns weak. Like the 3 colors, so sad.’

I paused. I saw what she was trying to do here, ‘Point?’ I said.

‘What is the point, really,’ she said, ‘of anything?’

I looked at the painting again. The purple was so bright.

‘What was the point of sending me the 50 shades trilogy?’

‘You didn’t like it ): ’

‘I do. It was just funny,’ I said, ‘because you are like the female Christian Grey.’

‘LMFAOOOOOO! Me?’ Her eyes widened. ‘You haven’t noticed. Yasmine is the Christian Grey actually.’


Yasmine was at her house when I got back. She was outside in her garden, lying on the grass, sprawled like an angel; Topless; Earphones plugged; Sun kissed.

I rushed to her. ‘Are you fucking high?! You’re half-naked & you’re outside’. Her nipples were upright, darker than the rest of her skin.

She sat up and looked at me. The wind was in her hair. ‘I just want to die. Please let me die.’ Her voice was laced with tears, but her eyes were clear.

I sat down on the grass too and held her closely to me. ‘It’s okay,’ I said, clasping her hair, ‘It happens when you listen to Iffy’s music. It makes you suicidal.’

Yasmine laughed. Her laughter was pure & high & pretty.

‘I broke up with Damii. I was tired of deceiving myself.’ I looked away from her as I said this.

‘I’m so sorry.’ She said.

‘For what?’

‘I spoilt your summer, your family, your life.’

It hit me at that moment that there was no reason to hate Yasmine. My family, my life; they had always been spoilt. Yasmine just opened our eyes to everything.

‘Can you remember that time you asked me about my mum, about how her death affected me?’


‘I didn’t know how to answer then. But her death changed me mehnn. It made me see some things are just not important.’

We lay there on the grass together, looking at the sun. There was no sound except the wind and the rustling of leaves.

‘I love you.’ Yasmine said, looking at me. ‘I will always follow you Nathan.’

‘And mention for your follow back ;)’ I said. She laughed again.

Yasmine fell asleep there in the grass, in my arms. I carried her to her bed and I went home.


Iffy & Jesse were going to school the next day. Iffy was driving there. But Jesse was taking a plane, because his school is very far. But they were both leaving on the same day.

‘Safe mehnn’ I said, to both of them. They were packed and ready to go. Iffy was dropping Jesse at the airport.

The three of us stood there awkwardly, unsure of what to say to each other. I felt empty.

I pulled them together in a group hug. And for a moment, we were brothers again. For only that moment though.

‘I’ll call you guys when I land,’ Jesse said.

‘Yeah, Nathan, I’ll call you when I’m in school.’ Iffy said.

They never called. I think that was the last time we ever really spoke. As brothers


Later, I would come to realize what Yasmine meant by “Next week is the deadline”.

I would go to her house the next week and it would be empty, a “FOR SALE” sign limping outside it.

I would wait and wait and never see her.

Later, Blah would explain that Yasmine and her parents had move back to her step mom’s country.

I would remember my last moments with Yasmine, lying with her in the grass, and realize all that time she was saying goodbye without really saying goodbye.

And I would sit and wonder, how one’s life could change and evolve so much in just one summer and how one person could make you see things that had always been there, that you never noticed.

But for now, I mixed Vodka and Ribena, sipping slowly, as I sat alone in a big, empty house, awaiting death.


First published September 8 2012
Culled from the blog sadgirlsays.WordPress.com
Run by Imade Iyamu
Edited by Faith Tells.
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Girl Next Door Part 6; The Penultimate Episode

GND Part 6; The Penultimate Episode

Written by SGS – Sad Girl Says

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The first person I saw when I woke up was Yasmine. She was sitting on my bed, facing opposite me.

‘Where am I?’ I said. Ugh. Talking was so stressful.

Her eyes lit up. ‘Nathann! You’re awake! Are you ok? You’re at the hospital! Are you hungry? Your dad is here, lemme call him! How do you feel?’

She didn’t even let me answer any question. Well, hospital. That explains the hard bed and the weird smell. And then I remembered I had an asthma attack and fainted at #DOPE2. I wished they didn’t tell my dad. He gets so emotional at hospitals cause of my mom and all, It’s annoying.

Dad just started shouting at me. When I was sick again! Nawahh Oh! He was like why did I overreact? Don’t I know I get attacks easily? Why wasn’t I with my inhaler? Overreact ke? I wonder what lie they told him for the reason I had an attack…

‘Better don’t be sick,’ He said, ‘you have school in two weeks.’

School. Wow. How motivating -…-

I slept back.


When I woke up the next time, Jesse and Yasmine were there trying to feed me. But food was the last thing on my mind.

‘Guy, you really should be controlling your anger,’ Jesse said, mixing cereal for me.

‘Really? Coming from you?’ I said.

‘*sigh. Nate, lemme explain everything,’ He said.

‘Aiit. Have fun.’ I said.

As his lips were moving, my eyes were closing. *


When I opened my eyes again, my room was full of stuff. Gift-wrapped presents surrounded me like bodyguards. The counter where they serve my food was lined with cards. Was today my birthday :/

Iffy was sitting on my bed. He saw me when I woke up. ‘Nate! ^.^’ He said, ‘T.Y said to give you this.’

I unwrapped the brown paper bag he gave me. Inside it was the 50 shades trilogy: 50 shades of Grey. 50 shades Darker. 50 shades Freed. All new. All paperback and original. Only T.Y…

‘And I got you something as well,’ Iffy said. It was a collection of cds. Season 1-9 of How I Met Your Mother. The greatest ever!!!!

‘And see something else ^-^’ he said. Iffy looked excited. Like a child. He brought out his phone:

@Ibrahim_ZD: @datkidNATE___ baldiee! Get well soon nate! :***

@ItsHavoc_: Get well soon nate missing ur dumbassery :p :p :d @datkidNATE___

@Damiii: @datkidNATE___ boo boo :** get well soon nate. I miss u:( ilysfm :*

@Dayyrin_O: @datkidNATE___ fake boo! Missin ur sxc light skin oo! Get well soon nate. Don’t leave me wif dat aboki abeggg!

@fucksvrvh: @datkidNATE___ gerrup frm ya bed and come nd suck breast jorrh! LOL. Get well soonest nate!

@beatsby_TeeMac: @datkidNATE___ missing ur silly bants bruh. Get well soon nate den cme ball wid us @ basement 😉

@_FROST_: Shalla 2 my haturr @datkidNATE___ get well soon nate! #bless :*

@MayowaCole: @datkidNATE___ bitch don’t be sick oo. Life’s 2 short! Lol. Get well soon nate!

@_LonerGuii: @datkidNATE___ bro. Get well soon nate:**

@Yasmine_: @datkidNATE___ I no u hate me nd all buh pls jus get well soon nate {()}

Ahhhhh! 😮 😮 :o.

‘And I favourited this one,’ Iffy said:

@trendsmapLagos: “get well soon nate” is now trending.

‘You’re joking!’ I said. Geez, my mentions are gonna be over-full when I get back home.

‘No fam! It’s 4 real!’ Iffy said, ‘you’re trending oo. And that was just yesterday. People are still tweeting today.’

Just then, Yasmine walked in with my food. Iffy’s face went down; it just lost its glow.

‘Brb bro.’ He didn’t even look at her, as he left. Obviously, he knew why I hyperventilated and had the attack.

Yasmine sat on my bed and after a long while of silence, she said, ‘Can we talk?’

‘You can talk,’ I said, ‘we can’t.’

‘Nathan please.’

‘Please fucking what? All you do is fuck up,’ I said, ‘if you know they can’t leave you alone, why don’t you just leave them. Just leave us all : |’

‘Dpmo,’ I said, ‘you’re dead to me.’

I turned around and closed my eyes like I was sleeping. I wasn’t sleeping, but I wanted her to think I was and leave me be. All I wanted to be was alone.


I woke up, feeling strangely strong and energetic ^_^ the doctor was standing, towering over my bed.

‘I’ve called your father to tell him you’re going home tomorrow.’ He said, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

He was still talking. ‘Try not to exert yourself too much. And drink lots of water.’

I nodded, sitting up. I still felt very weak tho.

‘Oh and the girl that comes here everyday. You know her?’ He asked.

The girl that comes everyday? Yasmine.

‘Yes.’ I said.

‘She left a message for you: “Deadline is next week”. ‘

To be concluded..


Caveat – Concepts explained – Freewill demonstrated in Biblical examples – the price of freewill – Reward and punishment, considered in the light of predestination – Biblical examples of predestination? – Foreknowledge, not foreordination – Questions for thinking predestinationists – Credo

This topic implies a conscious belief in the existence of God rather than of an impersonal force responsible for ordering or sorting the chaos of existence. Therefore, the starting point is stating the necessary (and perhaps the obvious): that God exists, not just as a being, but as the Supernal Creator responsible for life in the universe. It may be noted too that this topic, although relying heavily on logic and human reasoning, is actually a Scriptural topic and references will be made prodigiously to the Bible. Finally, it should be borne in mind that this is not an exegetic attempt to justify the ways of God to man; for although the writer is of the firm conviction that God is not an incomprehensible mystery, he does not think it his role to justify Him, or even to attempt to explain His reasons for doing things.


Predestination is the doctrine that whatever is to happen has been UNALTERABLY FIXED by God from THE BEGINNING OF TIME, especially with regards to human salvation or damnation. The doctrine posits that God has foreordained EVERY event throughout eternity. The emphasis is that this predestining or foreordaining of things is the work of God, and he is therefore the centre of the predestination doctrine.
Superficially, this doctrine would seem not only rooted in the Bible but also a humble acceptance of God’s omnipotence, an acknowledgement of His immense and ineludible superiority. One may even, in defence of this doctrine, describe as heresy any assertion that God does not foreordain things, for the Scripture proclaims God to be the ‘One declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are yet done.’ – Isaiah 46:10.
The doctrine of predestination is premised on God’s prescience and omnipotence. The argument is that one who is able to foreknow absolutely – ‘for all things are open to him with whom we have an accounting’ – should be able to ordain or manipulate the happening of events or order them according to his supreme will. This is, as it stands, a correct assumption, and to preach otherwise is to undermine the concept of Godhood. One who believes in the authenticity of the Bible as God’s revelation will have no problem agreeing that God CAN order events. However the argument is not whether he CAN but whether he DOES order events at all times. But much about this later.
The opposite doctrine – FREEWILL – is the power of making choices unconstrained by external agencies, i.e. the power of self-determination. Stated simply, this doctrine is the belief that man is imbued with the freedom to choose his course of action, whether for good or for evil; that God does not set man on an undeviating path, but that while He might command and lay down principles, man may choose to obey or disobey them. This is the doctrine I believe in; this is the doctrine I believe resonates in the pages of the Bible. This is the doctrine whose truism I propose to establish, even though by the refutation of its opposite, predestination.


Adam provides an example of the operation of freewill rather than of foreordination. In planning the creation of man, God declared His intention to make him in His image. The image of God in which man was to be made is not His physical make-up; for while God is a spirit, intangible and of humanly unquantifiable and undefinable proportion, man is fleshly and tangible, and if God had willed for man to physically resemble Him, He had markedly failed in creating man flesh rather than spirit and the declaration that man was made perfect would have been a prevarication. Man’s semblance to God lies in man’s faculty, and just as one cannot conceive of God constrained in His choices, so did God purpose that man, the crowning glory of His earthly creation, should also be free to choose his course of action. In this light, God’s command to Adam to eat of every tree of the garden except the tree of knowledge of good and evil would make sense. If God had foreordained Adam to eat of the fruit and subsequently commanded him not to eat of it, He would hardly be worthy of the attributes He claims and His standard would be lower than that of many men. Indeed, more than simply being a contradiction to His claimed attributes, Adam’s very ability to obey where he had been destined to disobey, or disobey where he had been destined to obey, begs the question as to the extent of God’s power in foreordaining things. Happily, that is far from the case as God’s illimitable power has been proved once and the repeated time; and the fact that Adam could choose obedience or disobedience testifies that God had not trammelled his choice. This ability to choose is not a personal gift to Adam but an inherent attribute of the human creation, part of what constitutes man the image of God.
The example of Cain provides another demonstration of the operation of freewill. Upon Cain’s indignation at God’s favour upon Abel’s sacrifice, God said to Cain: ‘Why are you so angry and dejected? If you turn to doing good, will you not be restored to favour? But if you do not turn to doing good, sin is crouching at the door and is craving to dominate you; BUT WILL YOU GET THE MASTERY OVER IT?’ (Genesis 4:6,7). Let it be imagined for a moment that God had foreordained Cain to murder Abel. Where would be the need, much less the wisdom, in God’s urging him to desist, to master his evil intention, to change his course? Even an imperfect man cannot hold such contradiction to be wisdom. God could only hold out the prospect of overcoming the lurking sin to Cain because he could make choices.
The history of the fleshly Israel is replete with instances of choice-making on a much grander scale. Through Moses, God at one time declared: ‘See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil; in that I command thee this day to love the Lord thy God, to walk in His ways and to keep His commandments…THAT THOU MAYEST LIVE and multiply; and the Lord thy God bless thee in the land which thou goest to possess it. BUT IF THY HEART TURN AWAY, so that thou wilt not hear but shall be drawn away and worship other gods, and serve them, I denounce unto thee this day, that ye shall surely perish…I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore, choose life that thou and thy seed may live.’ – Deuteronomy 30:15-19.
Neither the wisdom nor the love of God consisted in imposing ‘good’ on the Israelites; rather, he set before them both choices, but lovingly urged them to choose the good. (Deuteronomy 11:26-28). Prior to covenanting with them, God had given them a choice. ‘If you will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me…Ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priest and holy nation.’ The people’s reply after Moses’ consultation: ‘All that Jehovah has spoken we will do.’ (Exodus 19:5-8) It was after hearing the people’s reply that God proceeded with the covenant; he did not impose the choice on them, despite that it was for their good.
The Israelites chose to obey God, to be his people; as a proof that the choice was a willing one, not an absolutist, undeviating one, the Israelites did for countless number of time break the covenant, to the extent that God was sorely vexed with them to the point of annihilation. He appealed several times to his rebellious people: ‘Come and let us reason together… Though your sins be as the scarlet, they shall be as white as the snow; though they be red as crimson, they shall be as wool. IF YE BE WILLING AND OBEDIENT, ye shall eat the good of the land. BUT IF YOU REFUSE AND REBEL, you shall be devoured with the sword.’ (Isaiah 1:18-20) It would be pointless of God to appeal to a people already destined for good or evil since they would not thereby deviate from their set path; and heartless of him to set them to the sword when he himself had set them to the track of rebellion. But this is manifestly not true of God’s dealings with Israelites, his special property, his eyeball, a people chosen for his name, his glory among the nations.
Thus we see in this, and in many other examples in the Scriptures, that both in individual and in collective cases, God had always left the choice open, and this is only meaningful if such people have the freedom and ability to choose, otherwise it would be merely giving with one hand and taking with the other.

Freewill comes with a price: living with the consequence of one’s choice. Those who question the wisdom of God in suffering Adam to sin and thereby subjugating the human race to the thraldom of sin, insist that God would not have left Adam with the tree of knowledge of good and evil so that he would not have had to choose. This assertion is prompted by the enormous consequence of making the wrong choice. Perhaps they are right in that having no object of sin before him, Adam might not have sinned, and consequently the entire human race. But that would not be a reflection of God’s purpose for man. God is not a tyrannical exactor of obedience; the obedience he demands and values in his creations is willing obedience, one borne out of love, not out of inability to disobey. Only with choices open can man be said to be truly in the image of God, and only then can man’s choosing of right gladden God’s heart.
Allowing man to suffer the consequence of his choice, be it good or evil, is a demonstration of God’s justice and a reinforcement of His guiding attribute, love. For while he is full of mercy and ready to forgive, ‘he will by no means leave the guilty unpunished’. (Exodus 34:6,7). To leave unpunished those deserving of punishment, to subvert the result of an unwise course, would be not a show of love but an undermining of God’s constancy, the very foundation upon which believers hope for the fulfilment of God’s promises. The words that go out of his mouth will not return to him without results (Isaiah 55:11) and sooner would heaven and earth pass away than for his decreed purpose not be fulfilled. – Isaiah 40:8; Matthew 5:18; 1 Peter 1:25.
Indeed, if God had shielded Adam from the consequence of his disobedience, consider how this might have been a vindication, not of God, but of Satan. Satan had said to Eve: ‘Ye shall not surely die, for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil’ (Genesis 3:4,5). Note that this is the very opposite of God’s pronouncement – ‘in the day you eat from it, you shall surely die’ (Genesis 2:17). Not punishing the errant Adam with the foretold punishment, death, would have proved Satan true – that they would not die as said by God – and proved God a liar! But it was Satan who had lied and remains ‘the father of the lie.’
Consider also the immense implication of God’s command to Adam. ‘Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shall not eat of it, for in the day thou eatest thereof, thou shall die’ (Genesis 2:16,17). If God had predestined Adam to eat of the fruit, it would be gross injustice on God’s path to punish him for a course of action that he is powerless to change. On the other hand, if God had destined Adam not to eat of it and Adam had eaten of it, this would mean that, apart from undermining the whole concept of predestination, God had told a lie when he proclaimed the created man ‘perfect’. For perfection consists of the ability of a thing to function flawlessly as purposed, and if God had purposed Adam not to eat the fruit and he had eaten of it, he would not have acted according to purpose. In free moral agents such as man was created to be, perfection does not consist of unerringness; rather, it is the full capability to choose to err or not to err. This ability to choose good or evil did not start with man but with the spirit sons of God, where Satan and other angels chose wrongly by rejecting God’s sovereignty and advocating others to do the same.

The foremost predestinationist, John Calvin, defined predestination as ‘the eternal decree of God, by which he determined what he wanted to do with each man. Not all are created in the same condition, but eternal life is foreordained for some and eternal damnation for others.’ Regarding Adam, he said: ‘God not only foresaw the fall of the first man, and in him the ruin of his posterity; but also at His own pleasure arranged it.’ While not many predestinationists will subscribe to this extreme view, the sum total of this doctrine amount to little else but this – foreordination of eternal salvation or damnation for people.
Even to a mind not attuned to the qualities of God, this is a callous thing to propose. If before the founding of the world God had determined those to be saved and those to be damned, wherefore suffer Christ to die as atonement? If the blood of Christ would not redeem the already damned, and the already saved would not be damned at any rate, it would be impaling Christ in vain. Again, consider that even predestinationists are earnest preachers of the gospel. They, like Jesus, spend time and efforts calling on men of all sorts to repentance. Yet they do not perceive the manifest contradiction: if men have been predestined for salvation or damnation, preaching to them is futility since they must inevitably, immutably commit to their destined course. Christ himself would have known this, and his gospel would have been pretension. But they, like Christ, hope and desire all to attain to repentance. – 2 Peter 3:9.
In fairness, some predestinationists hold that God does not order events from ‘the beginning of time’, but rather at birth or sometime thereafter. This might look like an appeasement from the God whom this doctrine has painted cruel and unwise, but really, what difference does it make if once one has chosen an evil path, he is incapable of turning around? Of course, even if he does turn around, it will amount to his having been preordained to turn around – in other words, he would have been destined for salvation without his volition!
A point at which predestinationists cavil in support of the doctrine is found in Revelation 17:8 – ‘The beast that thou sawest was and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition, and they that dwell on earth shall wonder WHOSE NAMES WERE NOT WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE FROM THE FOUNDING OF THE WORLD…’ Aside from the fact that the book of Revelation is full of symbols which are not always literal, let us inquire – ‘Is the book of life a book in which a name not written cannot be written and a name written cannot be blotted out?’ The testimony of the Scriptures shows otherwise.
In Psalm 69:28, the Psalmist prayed of his enemies: ‘Let them be blotted out of the book of the living.’ In a plea to God to preserve the Israelites, Moses said: ‘If thou will not forgive their sins…blot me, I pray, out of thy book which thou hast written.’ Jehovah’s reply: ‘Whoever hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book’ (Exodus 32:32,33). These scriptural passages show that a name already written can be obliterated if the person becomes unfaithful, sinful.
Note also that the permanence of one’s name in the book of life is contingent on one’s continued faithfulness to the end. ‘He that overcometh, I will not blot out his name from the book of life, but I will confess his name before my father’ (Revelation 3:5). The crown of life, the reward of faithfulness, is sure not at birth but at one’s death, if one proved faithful to the end (Revelation 2:10). Whatever may be the meaning or interpretation of ‘FROM THE FOUNDING OF THE WORLD’, the Scripture shows that name written in the book can be blotted out and that salvation is dependent not on a name having once been written, but in the continued faithfulness of the one whose name has been written. Moreover, the wicked whose name is not written may have his name written by turning around and repenting of his sins.
Ancillary to this is the doctrine of eternal salvation – ‘once saved, always saved’ – which doctrine purports that who has once been born in Christ, i.e. repented and is saved, is saved for all time. The proponents of this doctrine do not, like predestinationist, propose that those not saved will never be saved, only that those already saved are ‘forever saved’. However, without inquiring deep into the topic, it may be noted that this is a scripturally erroneous doctrine, for if once saved is always saved, the crown of life would be given – or at least sure – upon salvation, not upon the finish of the race of life in faithfulness. Unless if by salvation they mean faithfulness unto death, in which case no man is ever saved until death – the very negation of their belief that they are saved once they confess the Christ and surrender unto him. – 2 Peter 1:10.


One may point, perhaps not unreasonably, at some examples in the Bible which seem to prove that God does predestine people’s lives. A prominent example is that of Judas Iscariot. Some insist that God predestined him to betray the Christ, and unless he betrayed the Christ, things spoken of by God through the prophets would not come to pass. The argument is potent, but does it by any means prove that Judas was predestined to betray the Christ? The prophecy regarding Jesus’ betrayal is given in Psalm 41:9 – ‘Yea, mine own familiar friend in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his head against me.’
To say the obvious, this is one of the numerous instances of prophecies – demonstrations of God’s superior foreknowledge and foretelling of events. God foresaw how the Christ would be betrayed and foretold it. Let it be noted here that the almighty God whose power is illimitable, CAN manipulate events, which may be people’s lives, to suit his purpose. To say otherwise is to deny God’s omnipotence. However, his ability to do this – and despite that he MIGHT have done it in select circumstances – does not mean that he in fact orders the course of people’s lives. When the Bible states that nothing is impossible with God, it does not thereby state that God does all things. ‘Two immutable things in which it was IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD TO LIE’ (Hebrews 6:18) does not imply that it is physically impossible for God to lie; it is but an impossibility of principle, for lying is against the nature of God. It is therefore not the impossibility of ordering or destining things that keeps God from doing so; he is only being guided by his own immutable principles.


It will be seen that on examination, the alleged instances of predestination are only demonstrations of God’s foreknowledge. Defined, foreknowledge is the ability to know in advance the outcome of an event, or series of events. The outcome foreknown must be in the future, and it does not matter how far in the future. But for foreknowledge to be meaningful in the context of this discussion, it has to be more than reasonable deduction. For instance, it will hardly be regarded as foreknowledge on the part of an adult who predicts fire when he sees a child taking naked flame toward a jar of petrol. Yet even in this crude, intuitive precognition, we may attempt to differentiate foreknowledge from foreordination. The adult knows, perhaps out of experience, that children are unreasonable and reckless and that with the child’s destination, the outcome is fire. Instead of taking the trouble to analyse how this child’s action would lead to fire outbreak, the adult could simply predict fire – and very likely, his elementary prediction would come to pass. But it does not thereby mean that the adult has set the child on the course of causing the fire. He could but he did not.
We may take a step further and be scientific. Users of smart devices like handsets often take for granted the complex processes that take place to provide them comfort and convenience. They look at the screen of their phones in the morning and ascertain at once whether it would rain or be sunny with incredible degree of accuracy. This is possible because of years of collection and analyses of data about weather which enable scientists to determine the outcome of the combination of given set of phenomena. Similar process is used in predicting volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and many other natural disasters. These scientific feats have acquired the appellation of forecasting, and while many will decline to regard their predictions in the religious sense, it will at least be acknowledged that they are a demonstration of effective use of knowledge to predict the future. But none will for a moment conceive of crediting the scientists with causing these disasters simply because they foreknew them.
Of course it will be absurd to say that God is ‘scientific’ in his predictions. I do not presume to know, neither is it necessary to inquire, how God arrives at his unerring knowledge of the future. But if man, by his limited knowledge, is able to do so much, consider what little effort it will take God to foretell the future, considering that he has been in existence for uncountable years, knows all things to their minutest details, searches the human heart and innermost thoughts. It will in fact be a marvel if such a One cannot foreknow the future. Understandably, God proclaims, ‘I am God, … declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure’ (Isaiah 46:9,10). God could therefore challenge the gods of the nations to prove their godship by foretelling the future. – Isaiah 41:22-24.
This ability to know the outcome of any cause of action is what enables God to foretell events. He can foresee not just the outcome of an individual’s action but also that of a nation. He could also, if he chose, manipulate events. In Pharaoh’s case, for instance, God manipulated events by hardening the heart of Pharaoh so that his further refusal to let the Israelites go resulted in the manifestation of God’s power upon Egypt, to the glory of God on all the earth. But nowhere in the Bible is it suggested that God’s ability to manipulate events means that he in fact manipulates them all the time; he only does so in fulfilment of his set purpose.


If God predestines man to eternal salvation or damnation, and this from the beginning of time, ‘before the founding of the world’, i.e. even before the entrance of sin into the world – what is the use of the ransom since assured salvation can never be revoked, neither assured damnation? Or could it be that Adam’s sin and the consequent need for the ransom had also been foreordained by God – and how can they not? Where is the justice in condemning Adam, and his offspring after him, for a course of life he is powerless to change – a course of life which, were he to even change it, would be undermining, indeed inimical to, the fulfilment of God’s immutable purpose? Wherein lies the truth in calling God a God of love if he condemns millions, nay billions, without their willing act, even before they are born, to an eternal damnation, which damnation some hold to be eternal torment in an ever-burning fire? What justice, even, in imposing salvation on an unwilling person? Even humans with an imperfect mind would not regard as infinitely wise and loving a God who could make such decree. Predestinationists may have to clear this smudge on God’s name and ‘justify his way to man’ – otherwise it will be seen that their doctrine has contributed in no small way to the derogation of God.


I believe in an illimitably powerful, infinitely wise, absolutely just, immensely loving and all-merciful God whose thought for man is of good, not of evil.
I believe that man is created in the image of God, imbued with His qualities and is fully capable, with His guidance, of choosing his own course of life and living with the consequence of his choice.
I believe that God shows the right way but does not dictate that man follow it.
I believe in a just God who rewards good deeds but does not refrain from punishing evil, and that such punishment is compatible with the character of God.
I believe in a forgiving God who sees beyond the act, examines the heart and intentions and mercifully extends forgiveness where He thinks fit.
Above all, I believe in a loving and wise God who knows us even more than we know ourselves.

Alarm clock worker By Joshua okoduwa

Ever wondered in the cave man times how they got up so early, cultivated, tilled the ground, walked kilometers to get basic things like water, food or hide and lived a sustainable life that was passed on to generations, I’m sure there were no such things as extreme tiredness and chronic fatigue which was virtually non existent! It has only reached massive proportions since the invention of the ‘Alarm Clock’ which comes in various forms.

Argh … who was that crazy person who invented it anyways??!!

‘Olakunle is a graduate, with a first class degree in banking and finance, working for a multinational company that pays him a reasonable amount, but then the stress he undergoes daily from the famous Lagos traffic, ever demanding female boss who never likes to see work rolled over, overworking himself to the extent he sleeps almost through out his journey back home, getting home late and too tired to get something reasonable to eat, so he relies on junk food to help quench his hunger, only to set an alarm to wake him up as early as 4am to prepare for the day, having ample time to rest and relax his brain and this has being his routine over a decade’

Hardwork is not progress and consistency, alot of us are webbed in circles just like Olakunle’s.

Why work like an elephant and eat like an ant? How much treasure can you store up for yourself in the quest for greener pastures which has caused many to live in jeopardy, not fulfilling purpose and finding fulfillment.

How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 8:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?
– Charles Bukowski

Sometimes, routines like this gives ample time for care for oneself, to be with family, be there for your loved ones, keeping a relationship notwithstanding the level of understanding which requires time and commitment. Man has feelings, yearns for touch, care, love and food! I mean good food!

Someday, you don’t want to be in the confines of your luxury apartment having to deal with depression, high blood pressure, stroke, dejection, overdrinking, over thinking, feeling unfulfilled, because of the wrong choices made.

If others can do it, you can do it? People have done these routines and are successful, guess what? you’re not them and will never be them. Every man has been called to a purpose, if it’s for you, you shouldn’t stress to get it. Many at times God is not the problem, we just choose to remain in such situations having the hope that someday the big stacks would come, a better tomorrow and other pretty imaginations.

Family is important, but a wealthy family without love, care, and affection is no longer an ideal family.

The mind of man breeds fear and is desperately lazy. He’s afraid to learn new things, he fears the unknown, to conceptualize his dreams and visions. Who said you couldn’t be better starting up a business of your own? Make more money working from home, or putting to use your vocational skills, talents and gifts?

Work experience with a detrimental aftermath is not worth it. Don’t be bossed around to the extent you don’t have a life of your own. Live, laugh, love and be loved. Everyday is a chance to make better choices, be happy and fulfilled. ‘With God, All Things Are Possible’

There’s more to life than living a life centered around ‘ALARM CLOCKS’

Man was created to ‘BE GREAT, STAY GREAT!